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Welcome to Vanity Lab Chronicles

Hi, welcome, and thank-you for stopping by to get in on the new blogging place of Vanity Lab. My name is Y-Keta (Keta for short) and I am the Owner and Solopreneur of Vanity Lab Skintique. Just a little about myself. I began my journey in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist over 10 years ago. I worked freelance as well as for Mac Cosmetics. Customers always inquiring on what products to use to clear their skin is what lead to pursuing a career in Esthetics. I have a small short lived background in Nursing as I attended University of Texas Houston BSN program. I utilize everything I learned in the program in the Lab at Vanity. I also have a degree in Global Business Management. One may say I am a professional student and I am proud of that as I am always learning as knowledge is power and only can help me professionally and personally.

My mission for this blog is not only to entertain but, to educate, encourage, and uplift my viewers. Not only would this platform be used to give behind the scenes of Vanity Lab Skintique, introduce new services, educate about services, products, and more but, I am excited about touching on some of the everyday challenges we face. I welcome each of my viewers to engage as this will be a place of no judgement and fun!

Till next time.



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