VLS Bellaire "Beard" Treatment -  $50

The VLS Bellaire Beard Treatment exfoliates and treats the skin under the beard while providing a conditioning/moisturizing treatment to the beard.  This reduces the likelyhood of the typical breakouts that occurs from pore clogging oils and dead skin cells buildup.

VLS Godfather "Facial" Treatment - $150

The VLS Godfather Facial Treatment is the King of our Specialty Male menu. During this service you will receive a custom male facial, beard treatment, and mild ingrown hair extractions.

VLS "Razor Effects" Neck Treatment - $300

The VLS Razor Effects Neck is a clinical/corrective treatment that provides a deep exfolation to the neck area utilizing a anti-bacterial scrub, ultrasonic, and high frequency therapy.  Anti-bacterial/inflammatory products are use to help treat razor bumps and reduce skin irriation.  A mini post treatment kit is provided for home care. Note: Results depends on severity of skin condition. Some clients may need a series of treatments to provide optimal results. Series pricing can be provided at time of treatment.