VLS Custom Facial (Maintenance) - $100 (RETURNING CLIENTS ONLY)

 Skincare is a committed investment which is the maintenance facial was created. The VLS Maintenance facial is for current clients needing a skin maintenance appointment.  Products used during facial is tailor to your skincare needs.  This facial is for skin "upkeep". Does not include any advance modalities/machine treatments. Facial includes:

* Deep Cleanse

* Exfoliation

* Mild Extractions

* Masking

* Luxe Hydration Balancing

* Protection

** Note: New clients please DO NOT BOOK this facial as this is for returning clients.**

VLS Custom Facial (Petite) - $150 

VLS Custom Facial Petite facial is our Intro custom facial. This facial are for individuals seeking to start a better, long-term healthier skincare regimen. This facial allows our trained professionals to get acquainted with your skin. This service is  for those that quite don't know what their skin needs but, want to get on the right path (long-term) skincare regimen wise with the guidance of a skincare professional and treatments. For 1st time clients that are not looking to do an extensive Custom Facial option. Does not include any advance modalities/machine treatments. Facial includes


* Pre Facial Consultation
* Skin Analysis

* Deep Cleanse

* Botanical Enzyme Therapy

* Masking

* Hydration

* Protection

* Post facial consultation that includes home care product recommendations.   


VLS Custom Facial (Deluxe)  - $150

VLS Custom Facial Deluxe is our Dermaglow option and results in all the glowing peach fuzz free skin! This option includes the popular advanced exfoliation treatment... Dermasurfacing. Dermasurfacing uses a sterile medical grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz resulting in a brighter, smoother complexion. Facial includes:

* Deep Cleanse

* Dermasurfacing (Note: Microdermabrasion can be substituted upon request)

* T-zone Targeted Extractions

* Botanical Enzyme Therapy

* Deluxe Custom Masking

* Serum Infusion

* Luxe Hydration Balancing

* Protection

**Note: Do not book this service if you are experiencing a current active acne breakout.**

VLS Custom Facial (Lighten/Brighten Peel Prep) - $150

VLS Peel Prep facial are for individuals who suffers from hyperpigmentation.  This is a progressive treatment designed to treat pigmentation using a peel boosted botanical enzyme, dead skin cells removal while resulting in an overall brighten complexion. This facial is for those who are seeking to book a peel with VLS but, has not had peel performed by VLS staff. During this facial steps are taken to prep your skin for our peel as we do not do peels on virgin skin. Facial includes:

* Deep Cleanse

* Botanical Enzyme Therapy with Pigment Peel Boost

* Custom Brightening Serum Infusion

* Deluxe Custom Masking (targeted to treat pigmentation)

* Luxe Hydration Balancing

* Protection

VLS Custom Facial (Posh) - $250

Dance in skin and wellness bliss with our VLS Custom Facial Posh experience. This facial is an all-inclusive experience no need to add-on any enhancements. This treatment allows for the creation of a totally unique experience that is targeted for pampering and relaxation but, yields results. Advance resurfacing Dermaglow (dermasurfacing) with Aqua infusion enhancement is included (if applicable) in this facial. This facial  is our stress relieving and skin rejuvenation experience. Facial includes:

* Deep Cleanse

* Dermasurfacing (Note: Microdermabrasion can be substituted upon request)

* Thermal Steam Session

* Botanical Enzyme Therapy

* Minimal Extractions

* Luxe Facial Massage

* Deluxe Custom Masking 

* Luxe Lip Treatment

* Custom Aqua Serum Infusion

* Luxe Hydration Balancing

* Protection


VLS  Acne/Complexion Treatment - $200 (NON-BOOTCAMP OPTION)

The VLS Acne Facial is a medical grade acne treatment for individuals who suffers from moderate to severe acne, wants a single acne facial, and don't want the commitment of the VLS Acne/Complexion Bootcamp Series. Acne characteristics either or combination of blackheads, whiteheads, impacted red/brown inflamed lesions, large, painful cystic papules and/or pustules, cluster, inflamed and/or impacted lesions.  Treatment includes: 

* Acne Deep Cleanse

* Dead Skin Cell Exfoliation/Removal

* Extraction Prep 

* Intensive Extractions

* High Frequency 

* Custom Disinfecting Acne Treatment

* Custom Blended Acne Mask 

* Oil Balancing Hydration

* Protection

**Note: Join the Acne/Complexion Bootcamp for bi-weekly treatments at a discounted rate*