Nanofusion  - Full Facial $250 / Add-on $50

The Nanofusion facial includes nano therapy is microchannels to the top layer of the skin for safe infusion of our Luxury 24k gold infused skincare super serums containing active ingredients.  The active ingredients in the serums help with complexion correction of a variety of concerns such as lighten, brightening, clarifying, and anti-aging.  This treatment has no downtime.  Nano infusion can be scheduled as a full facial experience or can be added on to the select custom facials: NOTE: First-time, pregnant, and breastfeeding clients can not  schedule the Nano infusion Treatment.  If Breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor beforehand.




VLS Microresurfacing Facial - $380 / Series of  Three $900 

The Microresurfacing facial is a the mother of resurfacing facials.  During this facial collagen induction therapy is performed by way of microresurfacing.  During this treatment controlled mini punctures are performed to the surface of the epidermal layer to created pathways to the dermis layer thus creating the body's natural repairing response.  High potent complexion cocktails including growth factors and peptides are use to aid in generation of fresh new skin and collagen cells. This treatment helps significantly decrease the appearance pitting scars and rough complexion texture issues. Results varies.  Depending on severity of skin condition client may need a series of microsurfacing treatments for optimal results. NOTE: First-time, pregnant and breastfeeding clients can not  schedule the Microsurfacing Treatment.  

Green Peel - Coming Fall 2020